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JayBird JF3

JayBird JF3While maybe not having the same kind of street CRED as wireless earbud headphones from other manufacturers like Sony, Beats, Panasonic, and others the JayBird JF3 headphones are above and beyond almost all other solutions in the wireless earbuds market.

Completely untethering you from all of the issues that wired solutions bring to the table, the JayBird JF3 wireless earbuds feature a soft wrap around neck design with semi-custom ear cushions to really locking that tailored fit you are looking for. Definitely designed from the ground up for those leading more active lifestyles, these wireless earbuds are perfect for the gym, running, hiking, or just using whenever you want to listen to some of your media while doing something else.

Overall impression

Offering the latest in Bluetooth technology, these earbuds are ridiculously simple to configure and connect to any smart phones, tablet, and most current media players. With just a simple push of a button and a quick connect code entered on your specific device, you’ll be able to have crystal-clear audio stream to directly to the JayBird JF3 wireless your buds at distances of up to 30 feet away from the source.

Infinitely comfortable in ways that many of the other solutions on the market simply could never come close to, people time and time again say that they have almost forgotten entirely that they were even wearing the earbuds in the first place. This is not because the sound quality is too low to be heard properly – nothing could be further from the truth – but just that the semi-custom design of the earpieces make these a dream to wear on a regular basis.

Sound quality

Of course, you wouldn’t be interested in any wireless earbuds unless they were able to accurately reproduce your media effectively, and the JayBird JF3 headphones definitely won’t disappoint. Putting a serious emphasis on more mid-range and low bass audio levels, you’ll find that this isn’t exactly a true reproduction of each and every one of your media files but rather a more natural reproduction that you sounds as though you are listening to a live production.

Obviously, people who are absolutely serious about the crystal-clear clarity of their music will have a bit of a beef here with the setup right out of the box, but thanks to the infinite fine-tuning that is available thanks to the inbuilt equalizer when you have your system connected you should be able to hit that sweet spot time and time again.

What’s really remarkable though is the fact that for audio that will be streamed across Bluetooth technology as these headphones sound fantastic, though they definitely fall short of more traditional wired solutions and come nowhere close incredibly expensive studio or DJ grade products. You’re probably not expecting that level of audio fidelity anyways, and the clarity that you receive is definitely more than adequate.

It should be mentioned that some people have reported the fact that the farther you stray from the source of the audio files being stream to these wireless earbuds the more that the sound quality degrades, and though there is an effective range of 30 feet you’ll want to keep it considerably closer. Some have also said that keeping the JayBird JF3 separated from the media player in pockets can hinder sound quality, but all armband users report that there was no loss whatsoever.

Special features

What’s most impressive about these specific wireless earbuds is the fact that they have been designed for active lifestyles. With both water and sweat resistant materials used in the construction of the entire unit, you’ll never have to worry about moisture getting inside of your JayBird JF3 headphones and destroying them from the inside out.

People have stated multiple times that the water resistance is perfect for workouts that produce a ridiculous amount of perspiration as well as any outdoor activities in light drizzles to steady downpours, though you probably won’t want to take these in the poll with you – they just aren’t that waterproof.

Included is a bit of shock dampening material wrapping around the delicate electronics responsible for reproducing the sound, though you’ll not want to put this to the test to terribly often. Yes, it’s nice to know that the silicone like synthetic solution will dampen any drops were accidents that might occur – but you wouldn’t want to put these through too terribly much abuse.

Attractively designed across the board, these are not just another pretty face when it comes to wireless earbuds

While the days of just sticking any old round objects into your ear to produce sound are dead and gone, it’s nice to see a company spend so much time really focusing on the industrial design of their products to make sure that they not only look fantastic but are also ridiculously functional.

Thanks to the unique honeycomb design of the earbuds you’ll be able to tailor the fit perfectly to your ears – regardless of their size – creating a comfortable fit that is perfect for active lifestyles. Created almost entirely out of hard plastic, the silicone parts that actually come into contact with your head and face are infinitely comfortable, definitely a plus and a nice little detail.

The JayBird JF3 runs off of a battery life capable of up to six hours or so on a full charge, and it only takes about two hours (or a little bit less) to bring the unit up to a full charge from a dead stop. And included USB cable with a micro USB port will help you take care of all the charging, offering you the convenience that you are looking for your

Final verdict

All in all, you would have to be at least a little bit crazy to invest in any other wireless your buds out there on the market today that weren’t the JayBird JF3. Infinitely comfortable to use, capable of reproducing more than adequate sound, and with a battery life of six hours or so – not to mention their waterproof and sweat proof synthetic material coating and a lifetime warranty – these are easily the very best of the best.