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Jabra SPORTSpecifically designed and developed from the ground up to be the very best wireless earbuds on the market for those leading tremendously active lifestyles, there’s a reason that many people consider the Jabra SPORT headsets to be right up there at the top of the mountain. While maybe not as good as some of the other elite choices, the difference between these and the top two or three products is so small, they are almost unnoticeable – and though the only real glaring difference that holds the Jabra SPORT’s back is a slightly shorter battery life.

Overall impression

Featuring the over the ear wraparound design that gives you infinite comfort and flexibility regardless of how big or small your ears are, the Jabra SPORT headphones look fantastic and perform just as well. With the behind the neck loop system that is so popular in the wireless earbud world right now and a sporty design aesthetic that will definitely fit in at the gym, the Jabra SPORT wireless earbuds are a smart investment for anyone looking to really get the most out of their purchase.

Breakdown of the sound quality

While many other wireless earbud solutions out there on the market today try to reproduce studio quality sound as closely as they can, the Jabra SPORT earbuds understand that this just isn’t possible when you’re talking about removing one of the most critical components to crystal clarity – the wires themselves. Any sound that is going to be transmitted through the air is going to go through a bit of a distortion, and the Jabra SPORT headphones are not shy about telling the world that they understand this – and even embrace it.

Using a built-in AM3D Power Bass mini audio amplifier to kick up those deep and punchy notes that most people who are trying to get a real workout in absolutely live for, you’ll find that this is definitely a little bit heavy on the bass. Now, obviously not right up everyone’s alley, if you’re looking for something that can really help you get motivated – and stay motivated – to push and push towards your personal best in these are definitely the headphones for you.

Unfortunately, the Jabra SPORT amplifier cripples a little bit of the higher pitches, making them significantly scratchier than almost any of the other wireless earbuds out there. Now, this is only true when the volume has then kicked up several notches – which is exactly where most people who are using these when they workout or run will have the levels. At normal listening levels, those that are perfect when you’re just trying to enjoy your music, this scratching this isn’t as immediately apparent – but it is definitely still there hovering in the background.

Special features

Of all the different special features that the Jabra SPORT brings to the table, the one that really rises above all others is its built-in FM radio system. This allows you to pull in all of your favorite local radio stations without needing any music or media players whatsoever – letting you use a truly disconnected wireless earbud solution right out of the box. Just using the volume buttons you can control the toning of the FM radio, a neat little feature that not a lot of other wireless earbuds include.

Of course, the other real gem that these Jabra SPORT wireless earbuds really hang their hat on is the fact that they have noise canceling technology built right in. While they don’t have the traditional external microphone to pick up and weed out ambient sounds, the actual rubber construction of the earbuds come with replaceable inserts that keep all external sounds out far better than most mic setups can. This is especially helpful if you’re looking to use your headphones when you are on an airplane, in a crowded office, or at the gym and just know want to hear any of the bleed pouring out of other people’s headphones.

This Jabra SPORT review would be remiss not to mention the fact that the most talked about Jabra SPORT special feature has to be the control system, super simple and easy to use and using only two dedicated buttons. One is a rocker button that allows you to adjust the volume or tune the radio, while the other is a multipurpose button that is touch sensitive and used to play and pause music, turn the headset on and off, and also connect to any of the devices that have Bluetooth technology (up to two devices at a single time).

A perfect design aesthetic without sacrificing a drop of comfort

The futuristic looking wireless earbuds definitely don’t disappoint when it comes to the while factor, with a black and gold scheme that is sure to turn some heads. Finished off in a rubberlike synthetic, these hard plastic headphones are going to be able to take a little bit of a beating without falling apart entirely – something that cannot be said of many other wireless your blood solutions.

Of course, these headphones are not just fantastic to look at – they are also perfectly designed to fit comfortably on almost anyone’s head. Thanks to the wraparound design of both the actual headphones themselves (infinitely adjustable to hug the back of your ear) and the cable that connects them to slide over the back of your neck you’ll never have to worry about them getting tangled up in any way, shape, or form whatsoever.

Battery life leaves a lot to be desired

With almost all of the other top five solutions in the wireless earbuds marketplace offering between six and eight hours of running time on a single charge, the fact that the Jabra SPORT can only pump out between four and 4 ½ hours is simply inexcusable. They are using almost the exact same battery technology as any of the other setups, but because of the added features and technologies that are rolled into the trees specific headphones with a compromise in one of the uncompromising areas.

Final verdict

Overall, these are definitely right up there with some of the very best wireless earbud solutions – but the battery life definitely holds them back a bit. If you don’t need the extra 1 ½ hours of running time then these make for an almost ideal solution, especially for those looking for comfortable, flexible, and powerful headphones that really pump out the bass.

Creative WP-250

Creative WP-250One of the smartest businessmen in history once said that the only way a company can be successful is if it continues to innovate faster than their competitors do, always producing more useful products that are better than anything else anyone can purchase. And while many companies have been catapulted to ridiculous levels of success thanks to their focus on innovation, the fact of the matter is that the Creative WP 250 wireless earbuds seem to have just been innovated to be innovative – offering no real benefits whatsoever.

One of the more difficult to wear wireless earbuds on the market today, you should only look to purchase this specific headphone if you are desperate for a cheap pair of wireless earbuds and you understand that they are going to put an enormous amount of strain on your ear canals even after just a few hours of use.

First impressions

I’ll be honest – the first time that I laid eyes on the Creative WP 250 wireless earbuds I was more than a little bit excited.

With a futuristic design that looks reminiscent of two miniature speakers being attached by a single loop and promises of the latest and greatest technology, I was roped right into trying these out all on my own – and boy was I taken for a ride.

At first I thought that maybe this fit was just a little bit snug, and that once the Creative WP 250 wireless earbuds were broken in and it would become much more comfortable. Around a half an hour to 45 minutes later I was literally in agony, even though I hadn’t played even a single song through my new headphones because the connection process was delayed due to spotty instructions.

I should have known to give up then – but once I had them connected I was more than impressed with the sound quality, and decided to stick it out. What a mistake.

Overall sound quality

Maybe the only redeeming quality that you’ll find with the Creative WP 250 wireless earbuds is the dedication to producing ridiculously clear sound, even when pushed to the higher levels of the volume spectrum. Pushing out above average mid range notes regardless of the volume setting, the real shining star here is the combination of the higher frequencies and deep bass levels, which never seem to try to outdo one another the way that other wireless solutions have become known for.

No, as these might not be the same kind of studio grade headphones that musical producers and legitimate DJs are used to using, but they never pretend to be either. Within inbuilt music equalizer as well as the option to tailor your experience at your media center and push the settings across to your new wireless earbuds, almost any detail can be adjusted to perfection – though the settings right out of the box are pretty close.

You’ll find that there is absolutely no bleed from ambient noises whatsoever, but it’s not because of any noise canceling technology or noise isolation hardware – it simply because the earphone jacks directly into your ear canal. The fit is so snug that at first you’ll be more than glad it is keeping out any and all external noises, but then grow frustrated as it seems to push and press against the inside of your ear – maybe one of the more delicate parts of the human body. After 45 minutes to an hour of the continuous use you’ll want to read these things right off of your head and pitch them across the room (which I may or may not have done more than once).

General design

If you’re looking for a futuristic looking set of wireless earbuds, then the Creative WP 250 product line is right up your alley. In fact, this is one of the things that most attracted me to these headphones – the fact that they looked so futuristic and promised to give me that kind of experience. Yes, the overall design can be a little bit bulky, but for whatever reason that the Creative headphones never really felt too terribly heavy.

Of course, that could be directly attributed to the fact that my focus was on whether or not they were causing my ears to bleed, but just scanning many of the reviews on the web will report the same findings – they are still relatively lightweight.

The Bluetooth used in these headphones is of the latest version, allowing you to not only connect to almost anything with built-in Bluetooth connectivity but also to devices any single time. This is one of the cooler features of these headphones, in that you can share a single media player with two sets of headphones – listening to the same exact songs at the same exact time in a group setting.

The neckband and that doubles as the connecting wire between them is strong and sturdy, and differently has a little bit of weight to it. This doesn’t feel too bulky or big, but it lends a sense of peace of mind in that they didn’t cheap out on this critical component – and the performance would lead to the same conclusion.

Battery life is capable of right around five hours of continuous use on just a single charge, with a micro USB input providing the necessary connections. Sure, it takes a considerable amount of time to recharge as a specific set of wireless your buds (nearly 3 hours from a dead set of headphones), but most people will be charging their units overnight and it won’t be an inconvenience.

Final verdict

If only they weren’t so terribly uncomfortable to wear over long periods of time and these could be a true contender for the top spots in the wireless earbuds world. Sadly, they are just too painful after short durations, making it almost impossible for us to recommend any Creative WP 250 wireless earbuds.

Hopefully people who have already purchased these headphones continue to shout from the mountain tops about this design flaw in Creative pays attention, because they could have a real winner on their hands.