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Best Wireless Earbuds Writer Guidelines

If you are interested in writing for Best Wireless Earbuds, please read the below author guidelines prior to submitting them.

The requirements are as follows for writers:

1) Articles will be reviewed by our editors and must be approved before they will published.

2) retains exclusive rights to all original work. While authors may add one link to the articles, the articles, once published by, cannot ever be published elsewhere.

3) retains rights to republish articles anytime in the future in any medium.

4) Articles must be a minimum of 700 words in length. There is not a maximum word length. welcomes article contributions. Your articles/reviews must be able to present clear and honest opinions after a thorough analysis of the products being reviewed. Furthermore, writers can have no association whatsoever with the website they are reviewing as that is a direct conflict of interest as we are dedicated to providing honest opinions free from corporate influence.

Articles should relate to one of the following four fields:

1) Wireless Earbuds
2) Wired Earbuds
3) Bluetooth technology
4) Electronic Accessories

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